5 Clever Tips on How to Organize a Small Kitchen Without Cabinets

Not having cabinets in your kitchen space can be frustrating. Here are five clever tips on how to organize a small kitchen without cabinets to help you out.
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Whether you’ve recently moved into an apartment with a tiny kitchen or you’re simply looking for ways to make better use of the space you have, knowing how to organize a small kitchen without cabinets is possible. We understand the struggle of making use of the small amount of counter space, kitchen shelves, and drawers. Trying to cook a meal while balancing ingredients and utensils on a single countertop is never easy. Lack of storage space can leave even the tidiest of cooks feeling frustrated.

But don’t let yourself fall into a spiral of despair – there are plenty of clever hacks to help organize your small kitchen without cabinets. That’s right – you don’t necessarily need built-in cabinetry to keep your space neat and orderly. Keep reading for five clever tips to help you organize a small kitchen without spending thousands of dollars on new cabinets.

Maximizing Counter Space

how to organize a small kitchen without cabinets

When it comes to organizing a small kitchen without cabinets, maximizing counter space is key. With limited storage options, it’s important to be creative to maximize every inch of available counter space. Here are some tips to help you maximize your counter space and create a more functional and organized kitchen:

  • Use Drawer Organizers: If you have drawers in your kitchen, use drawer organizers to maximize the space. This will help you keep your utensils, cutlery, and other kitchen tools neatly organized and easy to find. You can use adjustable drawer dividers to customize the space and create compartments that fit your specific needs.
  • Install Floating Shelves: Floating shelves are a great way to add storage to your kitchen without taking up valuable counter space. They can be installed above your countertop or even above your stove or sink. Use them to store plates, bowls, glasses, and other kitchen items that you use frequently.
  • Hang Pots and Pans: Pots and pans can take up a lot of cabinet and counter space. By hanging them from a pot rack or hooks, you can free up counter space and create a more organized kitchen. Look for a pot rack that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, or use hooks to hang them from a rack or towel bar.
  • Use a Rolling Kitchen Cart: A rolling kitchen cart is a versatile and practical storage solution for a small kitchen without cabinets. Use it to store small appliances, pantry items, or cooking tools. You can also use it as a prep station or a serving cart when entertaining guests.
  • Optimize Corner Space: Corner space in a small kitchen can be hard to utilize. Consider installing a corner shelf or lazy Susan to store your pots, pans, and other kitchen items. This will help you maximize your counter space and create a more organized kitchen.

Utilize Wall Space

how to organize a small kitchen

Utilizing wall space can be a great way to organize a small kitchen without cabinets. The walls are often overlooked when it comes to organizing a small kitchen, but they can be used in clever and creative ways to maximize storage.

  • Use Hooks and Racks: Add hooks and racks to the walls in order to hang items like mugs, aprons, pans, and other kitchen tools. This can save on valuable floor space.
  • Install Shelves: Install shelves on the walls to store items such as spices, canned goods, and other kitchen essentials. Shelves can be used to store bulky items that may not fit well in drawers or cabinets.
  • Hang a Pegboard: Use a pegboard to store items like knives, measuring cups, and pot lids. This is a great way to keep the items in easy reach and organized.
  • Use Magnetic Strip: Install a magnetic strip on the walls to store knives, kitchen utensils, and other metal items. This is a great way to keep items off the countertops and easily accessible.
  • Hang Baskets: Hang baskets on the walls to store items like onions, potatoes, and other produce. This is a great way to keep the items off the countertops and organized.

Repurposing Every Inch of Floor Space

how to organize pots and pans in a small kitchen

If you’re working with limited floor space in your kitchen, you have to know what you’re working with. Instead of worrying about not having enough storage space, focus on making the best use of the space you have.

First, maximize the space you have by using the walls. Look for different ways to hang items on the walls and make use of wall-mounted storage solutions. This could be a pegboard, wire racks, shelves, or even magnetic strips. You can also use wall-mounted shelving units to organize items you don’t need to access regularly.

Second, repurpose items to make use of your space. For example, you can use a ladder to store towels, hang pots and pans from a pot rack, and use mason jars and baskets to store non-perishable items. This will not only help you to save space, but also add a unique touch to your kitchen.

Utilize the vertical space. Use high shelves to store items and look for tall, thin shelves that can fit in narrow corners and small spaces. These are great for storing items like spices, condiments, and cooking oils.

Finally, think outside the box. You can hang baskets on the wall for produce, use a folding table for extra counter space, and use hooks to hang mugs and other items.

Organizing With Baskets, Trays, and Racks

how to arrange kitchen without cabinets

In many homes with small kitchens, storage space can be hard to come by. One way to create more storage space in a small kitchen is by using baskets, trays, and racks. Not only are these items a great way to organize a small kitchen without cabinets, but they are also stylish and practical.

Baskets are a great way to store items that you don’t need to access all the time. For example, you can store spices or other items in baskets and hang them from the wall or inside a cabinet. This is a great way to save space and keep items out of sight.

Trays are also a great way to organize a small kitchen without cabinets. Trays can be used to store items such as utensils, dishes, or mugs. They can be placed in the cabinets or drawers or you can use them to line the counter.

Racks are a surprisingly versatile way to add storage to a small kitchen. Racks can be used to hold pots and pans, as well as other items such as lids, utensils, dishes, and mugs. You can even use them to hang things like kitchen towels or aprons.

When organizing a small kitchen without cabinets, it is important to keep the items you use most often easily accessible. This means that you should use baskets, trays, and racks to store the items that you use most frequently. Keep items like spices, utensils, and dishes close at hand so that you don’t have to go searching for them.

Finally, consider the size of the baskets, trays, and racks that you choose. Baskets and trays should be large enough to hold the items you need, but not too big that they take up too much space. The same goes for the racks; select ones that are the appropriate size for the items you wish to hang.

Build a Pantry Wall

how to organize small kitchen appliances

If you have some extra space, consider building a pantry wall. This can be done by installing floor-to-ceiling shelving units or by repurposing a closet. A pantry wall will provide ample storage space for food, appliances, and kitchen supplies, making it easier to keep your kitchen organized.


Organizing a small kitchen without cabinets can be a daunting task. But with a little creativity and these five clever tips, you’ll be able to maximize of the space and create a functional, organized kitchen.

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