How to Hire a Local Fence Company

How to hire a local fence company.

Many homeowners install their own fences. Nevertheless, a fence is often one of the most challenging and time-consuming do-it-yourself yard projects you can take on. You can hire a local fence company in Atlanta that you can hire in your area who can install a fence for you. 

It may be more difficult than you think to find the right fence company with a solid business history that has the ability to complete the job on time and on budget. Hire the best local fence company for your specific project by following a few basic steps.

Don’t Limit Your Search to Fencing Companies

A company does not need to only deal with fences to be able to  install your fence. There is no requirement that it is a company; it could even  be an individual. Fences can be installed by landscaping companies, construction companies, general contractors, and handymen.

Be sure to research anyone you intend to hire. It is safer to hire licensed contractors and individuals who are responsible, and in many cases are bonded and insured. In addition to carrying liability insurance and workman’s comp, they shouldn’t be in litigation.

Before getting an estimate, it’s a good idea to find out the following about the company:

  • Is there a recent name change and why?
  • Does the business have a physical address?
  • Did you read their online reviews?
  • How are they rated by the Better Business Bureau?

Search Your Neighborhood

A fence company will often nail a badge to its completed fences to advertise its services. If you notice a badged fence that you like in your local neighborhood, take note  of the builder. A relatively new fence may not have a badge, and if that is the case, you might be able to ask the owner if they  remember who built the fence.

Compare Multiple Estimates

Any homeowner who is considering remodeling his or her home is advised to get three or more estimates before hiring professionals. A wide range of estimates with numerous bids will almost always make it easier for you to choose the best combination of cost and quality  for your project.

It can seem overwhelming to homeowners with busy schedules. It is true that soliciting estimates for specialized interior projects such as basement finishing, kitchen remodels, and tile work for bathrooms and showers can be time consuming.

Comparatively, getting estimates for fence installation is much easier. In a highly competitive market, fence installation representatives tend to be flexible and eager to arrive on time. Considering that this is an exterior project, representatives may agree to visit your home and prepare an estimate when you aren’t at home. As you consider which companies to hire, find out how long the estimate or quote lasts.

Analyze costs-related complications

The most cost-effective fence will be constructed on land that does not have any complexities, among other factors. You should inspect your property for any issues that may increase the price before the sales representative comes to work up an estimate.

The fencing may be hindered or more costly if there are obstructions such as trees or rocks. Grading should be evaluated. This is not a problem if your lot is level. When the lot is sloping, however, this will affect how the fence is constructed and how much it will cost. Examine the site’s accessibility. Likewise, if materials have to be carried manually up a hill, this may increase costs.

Prepare for the Contractor’s Visit

When a contractor of a fencing company visits your property, remember that it’s not the only home the contractor will be visiting that day. You both want the job done quickly and  accurately.

Make sure the dogs are inside, that gates are unlocked, and that foliage is removed from problem areas. If there will be a fence along your house or another pre-existing fence, you should clear those areas to a reasonable extent. Stay out of the way when the contractor is measuring, but remain close if they need anything from you.

Make Sure You Read The Warranty

Does the fence company offer a warranty? Are there an installation warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty? Does the company’s guarantee cover only labor or does it include materials as well? A fence is a long-term product, so the warranty should also be long-term.

The warranty should last at least three years, and it is not uncommon for it to last seven to nine years. You may not have any warranty if you hire a handyman service.

Questions to Ask the Contractor

  • Will the fencing company get permits? Depending on where you live, you may need permission from the local government to accomplish this task. When the work is completed, an inspector  must visit to approve the work and close out the permit.
  • Is the company going to call the utility locator for you to  pinpoint the location of any underground utility lines? 
  • Discuss zoning and easements as legal hindrances. Local fencing contractors should be well versed in the local zoning and setback regulations concerning fence construction.
  • When it comes to a graded lot, how will the company manage the  slope? Would the fence be stepped to leave spaces under it, which could pose a problem if you have pets, or would it be contoured to run near the ground?
  • Does the fence height vary throughout its run? In many cities the maximum fence height is usually 6 feet, but the actual height may vary depending on the grade.
  • How will the installation take place? Do the posts need to be buried in concrete and how deep should they be? Establish the type and width of fence panels that will be used. Does the quoted price include gates and hardware? If not, what does each of these items  cost? What will the company do about waste removal and cleanup?
  • What is the timeline for getting started and completing the work? You might experience a few weeks of waiting when hiring a fence company in the spring and summer. 
  • Do you know how many crew members there are and when they will arrive? Is the company planning to work steadily or a more piecemeal approach, in which the crew works over a few days or weeks? It will affect the timeline and quality of the fence installation if the installers use subcontractors. Find out whether the foreman or owner of the company will oversee and manage the project.
  • What are the details of the contract and the payment? Is your contract in writing? When  must payment be made? Is a deposit required and how much is it?

If you have any questions about the contractor’s work, don’t hesitate to ask if there are any references you can call so you can find out more about their work. A contractor’s  response could be very telling.


Fences can improve curb appeal and home values, but we recommend installing a fence you’ll love to live with. Be guided by your own needs. The fence you build for your family and your home will serve a similar purpose for potential buyers. We at FD Remodeling can provide you with a free estimate if you are interested in adding the perfect fence to your home.

How to Hire a Local Fence Company in Atlanta | FD Remodeling
How to Hire a Local Fence Company in Atlanta | FD Remodeling
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