Exterior Door Installation: Popular Front Door Styles and Designs

The exterior of a home with a garage door.

Popular Front Door Styles and Designs

Your home will look better with a door that fits your individual tastes and complements the exterior of your home. One of the most distinctive features in any home is its front door. A beautifully crafted, warm, and welcoming door can help say “Welcome” to all who enter it.  

It is good to know that there are varieties of styles available today, so I assure you that you will find exactly the look, design, and feel that you desire. The door styles discussed here should also be offered in multiple sizes and materials including wood and fiberglass — the material most commonly used in doors. Alternatively, you may also find metal options, which are another material often selected for doors. 

Looking to improve home curb appeal with exterior renovations? Invest in a new door installation after checking out these popular front door styles and designs for your home.

Traditional Doors

Doors in the classic style typically possess raised panels in numbers from two to twelve. They may also have glass inserts with scrollwork or colored panes. These styles are typically available in wood, metal, and fiberglass pre-hung designs that are ready to be installed after purchase. 

Several standard door sizes are available in addition to custom options, which can be especially beneficial if you want to achieve a particular design or if you live in a home with not standard door opening sizes.


The design of Craftsman-style doors, often modeled after Shaker-style, is extremely popular for many homes — from simple cottages to spacious mountain retreats. They’re made from hardwood or fiberglass and often have straight lines. 

Some Craftsman doors feature one large window at the top of the door with stained glass or a white or black outlined pane and two or three rectangular panes across the bottom. 

A larger insert or a more generous view of the outdoors (in the same style as mentioned above) is another option for Craftsman doors. Custom options are also available. 

Modern Doors

Often found in modern-style front doors are straight, sleek lines but do so in a way that differentiates them from the Craftsman-style doors. Also, you will be able to find elevated panels of frosted or translucent glass that are blocked or square. The hardware on modern doors tends to follow the same style of clean lines while being minimalist in appearance. 

Rustic Doors

Rustic-style doors are generally made of wood, often in an arched design or a traditional rectangular shape. They are often used to complement homes and cabins with wood, stone, or brick exteriors. 

Many rustic doors may be associated with bulky, oversized hardware due to their thickness and overall hardness. Raised panels, scored lines, and clear glass are other features that may appear on rustic doors.

Photo of an arch door
Arched stone entry of luxury suburban home

Arched Doors

Though arched doors may be found in many styles including traditional, craftsman, and rustic, they have a distinct look and style with their curved design. The door’s curved style offers an eye-catching architectural feature with tons of charm. These doors will more than likely be special order or custom-built to fit your house’s exact specifications. 

Dutch Door Styles

This design of door was originally designed in the 17th century, so it admits light and air while keeping out animals and livestock. The top half of the door can be open, while the bottom half remains closed.


Just like any investment in your home, purchasing a front door is an up-front expenditure and a long-term expenditure. Make sure you are well informed about the energy efficiency, maintenance needs, and life expectancy of the door you are considering. All these factors affect the cost of maintaining your entryway in the long term. Regardless of the door you choose, use color, hardware, and entryway accessories to personalize it. Then invite your family, friends, and neighbors to knock, and come inside.

Looking for help picking the right door for your home? Talk to FD Remodeling for more information.

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