6 Essential Tips to Read Before Kicking Off a Home Renovation

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Are you thinking about kicking off a brand new renovation job for your home? That’s a fantastic idea, but there are a few key issues to keep in mind before you launch your home remodeling and renovation projects. Here are six critical factors to take into consideration when a renovation project is in the not too distant future.

Set A Realistic Budget

The best starting point for a home remodeling project is setting a realistic budget. You need to know how much money you’re willing to spend to get the renovations you want. When placing a budget, be sure to allow an extra ten to twenty percent of the total budget in reserves. By doing so, you have additional funds set aside if needed for unforeseen issues that might arise during the project.

Decide on the Most Sensible Scope for the Project

Defining project scope can be challenging. However, you’ll want to keep things precise, because mission drift on a renovation introduces many variables that can increase the projected costs and timeline.

The most successful project scope statements are clear and concise. Ideally, you want anyone who briefly glances at them to quickly understand what is involved in the project. By having clarity from the beginning of the plan, you streamline and simplify the renovation for everyone involved.

Don’t Lose Focus

After you’ve decided the scope of the project, don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked. For instance, if you have a kitchen remodeling project planned, don’t veer away and start tearing up your bathroom, too!

While you might have the itch to make multiple renovations or upgrades at the same time, unplanned improvements can complicate the timeline for project completion. Once the initial improvement project gets completed, you can move on to the next home renovation project in order.

Decide Which Premium Extras Are Vital

Is there something “extra” your home renovation must include? If so, make sure to add the costs for these particular items early on. If you’re renovating a kitchen and you want high-end counters and appliances, budget enough money to pay for these features first. Be logical about what you want. While a six-burner commercial-grade stove looks cool, if you don’t cook, it’s a little overblown for your needs. You might better use the money you save by not buying this item on something else, like attractive cabinets.

Prepare for Inconvenience

Anytime you make improvements or renovations to your home, prepare for some inconveniences. Since work is getting done, access or usage of the areas getting renovated might be limited, pending completion of the project. Inconvenience is one of the main reasons you want your project to complete smoothly – so life can get back to normal!

Work with a Qualified Partner

Working with a highly-qualified partner helps assure that your home remodeling project goes smoothly. Homeowners in the Greater Atlanta area who need help with an upcoming renovation project can always get a free estimate by giving the professionals at FD Remodeling Atlanta a call today!


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