Water Damage Restoration Service – Winter Proof Your Home

A moldy ceiling in a house with water damage.

Summertime gives a pleasant heat but later gives way to fresh autumn air. It’s always a short while until the temperatures fall below the freezing point, and yards and rooftops are covered with shiny white ice or snow. It may seem premature, but it’s always crucial to make an early list of the things that need to be done before winter arrives. Although it doesn’t happen in the Atlanta area very often, you should take precautions to protect your home in the event of heavy falling snow or ice.

As most people prepare their homes, they don’t realize how damaging water can be. Winter months are lengthy, meaning if water damage occurs due to frozen pipes, it can be tedious to correct the pipe system. Snow on the roof, frozen pipes, and trapped ice on the gutters can also be potential sources for water damage in and around the home.

It can also be costly if water damage restoration service is not called in to check these problems. If the problem is not solved, mold can flourish between the spaces and become a health hazard. We offer a variety of restoration services in case your home gets water damaged. Meanwhile, below are tips that you can implement to help prevent and minimize water damage.

Inspect and clean downspouts and gutters

Debris should be removed so that water from melting snow can flow freely off your roof. If water is trapped on the roof, it can refreeze and cause what we call an ice dam. As the ice continuously melts, the water can leak via the roof and get into the crawl or attic spaces. This can damage the ceiling inside the house.

Additionally, if the gutters are clogged, flowing water lack space and starts dripping and can make pools on the ground next to the foundation of a structure. This can potentially damage your home.

Insulation of Pipes

This is a universal water damage prevention that we share with most of our clients. Frozen water pipes can burst when exacted with pressure caused by freezing water. After the ice melts, ruptured pipes can flood the entire home. It’s beneficial if all the pipes around your home, especially the ones outside are insulated. Insulate your pipes located in the following areas:

  • Outside the house
  •  In the walls
  •  In attics
  •  In crawl spaces.

The cabinet doors underneath the sinks should be left open to allow in warm air from around the house. The air circulates the pipes preventing water inside the pipe from freezing. Additionally, faucets should be left dripping if there is no one left at home. If temperatures fall below zero and the valve is not dripping, the water in the pipe automatically freezes.

Shut off the water to outdoor sources

Water connected to spigots and hoses should be shut off. Hoses should be disconnected to prevent water from freezing in the pipes. In case of a blockage caused by freezing, there can be a backflow which can lead to a leak around the home. Additionally, ensure that water inside the hose is drained and safely stored to prevent them from freezing and cracking.

Look out for snow or ice pile-up

Regularly check for ice build-up around the house. The most critical places to check are:

  • Gutters
  • Roofs
  • Doors
  • Windows.

Time should be invested to clear the build-up areas from all susceptible areas so that water doesn’t leak.

We also advise our customers to check the basement to ensure that all the windows, walls, and doors are correctly sealed. Water pipes outside the house should be inspected for cracks and drips. If the pipes are damaged, you should consider replacing them. If you do experience any water damage whether it’s in your basement, roof or ceilings, you will need a professional like us to ensure proper cleanup.

Vacant home preparation

When you go away for any amount of time and no one is going to be around, water should obviously be turned off in your home. However, the faucet should only be left dripping if you are expecting freezing temperatures while you are away.

It’s always wise to prepare for winter early. Ensure that any gutters, roofs, pipes, and downspouts are fixed before winter arrives to avoid in potential disasters. In case you are in need of water damage restoration services, you can certainly contact FD Remodeling Atlanta, and we will be happy to serve you.

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