Home Renovations in Time for the Holidays

A kitchen with white cabinets and counter tops.

With the holidays coming up, you may want to begin a few winter projects. It’s the perfect time of year to renovate your home and get it ready for your holiday guests. Here are several home renovations that you might want to tackle this year.

The Kitchen
A kitchen is the heart of any home. Because of this, you want it to look spectacular. If your floors are worn or old, consider replacing them. This can be done in as little as a few days if the space isn’t too big. You can greatly change the aesthetic quality of your kitchen by changing up your cabinets. Fortunately, you might not have to replace them. If they are in relatively good condition, you can change the look of them by replacing the knobs and handles. If your cabinets look a bit worn but are structurally sound, you may be able to paint them. This is also a good time to change the lighting. Add new fixtures in order to brighten up your kitchen.

The Bathroom
There are a lot of winter projects that can be done in the bathroom. Change your flooring. Add new tile or re-grout what you already have. Replace your vanity. Consider one that has granite countertops. If it’s small, you will find that it’s probably not that expensive and will make your bathroom look classier. If your holiday guests will be using the shower, make some simple changes to increase their comfort level. Replace your current shower-head with one that pulsates. Add a heated towel rack so that they have a warm towel to use when they get out of the shower.

The Home Theater Room
When you are considering what home renovations to make this holiday season, don’t forget about your home theatre room. If you don’t have one yet but have an extra space, now is the time to create one. Choose a television that’s large enough for the room. Your guests should easily be able to see it from where they are sitting. Install a surround sound system. This will allow whatever’s playing on the television to really come to life. Make sure you have plenty of seating. Keep in mind how many guests will be coming over for the holidays. If you are looking to add some fun amenities, get a popcorn machine or a mini-fridge to hold drinks.

The Guest Bedroom
If some of your guests will be spending the night, you need to think about their accommodations. Replace the flooring if it is worn. Make sure you have comfortable furnishings in the bedroom. You might need to buy a new bed or a dresser. Add shelves to the closet. Your guests will appreciate having a place to store their stuff. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint. This will really give the room a whole new feel.

Make sure you get your home ready for guests well before the holidays arrive. Don’t put off your home renovations or winter projects. If you don’t have the time to complete every project on your to-do list, just remember that you don’t always have to do a lot in order to really change the look of your home. You can get started by contacting FD Remodeling of Atlanta for your home remodeling projects.

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