Game Room Ideas: How to Create the Epic Gaming Room

A basement with hardwood floors and a pool table.

A gaming room is a perfect addition to any home. Whether you want to remodel a spare bedroom, unused garage, or an entire basement, you can create a fun, welcoming space that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Plan Your Furniture Purchases

Game rooms can feature wide, comfortable couches for watching the Atlanta Braves with your buddies or a power desk and executive chair for hours of videogames. Before remodeling, try to imagine the big-ticket furniture items you want in your new space. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A piano, guitar or other musical instrument
  • A TV and entertainment stand for console gaming
  • A wet bar with stools
  • A retro arcade game cabinet or two

Light It Up

Whether you’re going to be playing board games, videogames or air hockey, you can’t have an epic game room without epic lighting. Combine overhead lights and stand-alone lamps to give yourself control over every nook and cranny. Don’t rely on sunlight because you’ll want to play long into the night.

Music Matters

Don’t forget to include speakers in your game room design. Do you want surround sound throughout the room? An imitation victrola for an old-fashioned ambiance? Perhaps sound design isn’t important to you and you’d rather spend your money on a high-end computer or big-screen TV.

Plan for Your Social Sphere

Do your game room ideas feature seating for dozens of your closest friends or a small table for working on jigsaw puzzles with your bestie? Keep in mind the number of people you’re likely to host in your epic game room once it’s finished and you’re ready to show it off. Consider if you’ll need extra seating or extra TVs to keep everyone entertained. If you plan to host big crowds, follow these tips:

  • DON’T limit yourself to recliners and armchairs that can only seat one person
  • DO choose couches, benches and other multi-person seating options so your friends can squeeze in tight when you have a big crowd
  • DON’T shy away from low-end seating options like folding chairs or bean bags. If you’re working with a budget, it’s okay to pick affordable seating if you’ll only use it every few months
  • DO look for multi-use options like sturdy coffee tables or footrests that can double as seats

Quiet Down

A well-planned game room will be the heart of your house. You’ll spend hours watching the game, playing Nintendo with your kids, or just mastering your corner pocket shot. Game rooms can be noisy, though, and your family may not want to hear you cheer every time the Falcons score a touchdown or you hit a bulls-eye on the dartboard.

If you want everyone to enjoy the game room for years to come, you need to think about soundproofing. You might want to cover the floor in carpeting to dampen noise (although be sure to pick a spill-friendly carpeting option) or talk to your contractor about adding insulation, sound panels or other options to minimize noise pollution.

Let Your Personality Shine

With a custom remodel, you aren’t stuck with generic game room ideas. Go ahead and paint the walls tennis-court green or pick an area rug with basketball court markings. You can build a puzzle nook with unique shelving to show off your favorite box art or turn a corner of the room into a fantasy tavern perfect for long games of D&D.

Hit the Thrift Store

Unlike a formal sitting room or parlor, a gaming room can have a worn-in look and still appeal to guests. If you’re working on a tight budget, consider cutting costs by picking up secondhand furniture. You can save hundreds of dollars on end tables, couches, and bar stools at a Habitat for Humanity or by scouring Craigslist. If you’re planning a massive remodel with new flooring, new walls, and special design features like a sunroof or reading nook, keep your project under budget by skimping on the less-important features.

With the right furniture, lighting, and design choices, you’ll never want to leave your epic gaming space. You can put a ton of thought and planning into your new space or hire FD Remodeling of Atlanta to do all the work for you.

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