Design A Home Gym That Makes You Want To Exercise

A gym with tread machines and mirrors.

Design A Home Gym That Makes You Want To Exercise

The New Year will soon be upon us, and with it come scores of new resolutions, firm resolve, and lots of excitement around New Year’s resolutions and goals. One major trend in resolutions every year includes a decision to eat better, get in better shape, and lose weight. Millions of Americans sign up each year for gym memberships in January, pledging to leave old habits behind and shed pounds.

Unfortunately, with recent restrictions on businesses, gyms, and common gathering areas, many of us are left without the option of going to the gym. Not to worry; you can transform a little corner of your home into a home gym that ignites a fire within you to exercise. Consider these home gym ideas for inspiration, and get ready to design a home gym that works for you and everyone in your family:

1. Decide on essential equipment
What kind of workouts excite you and get you fueled up to perform at your best? Are you a cross-fit junkie, or does the thought of some quality time on your yoga mat heat up your kundalini? Choose some basic equipment that will work across all types of workouts, including:

    • Kettlebells, free weights
    • Resistance bands
    • Yoga mat
    • Medicine ball
    • Aerobics step

These basic items should be included in all gyms to help you work out more effectively. Depending on your budget, you can add items like an elliptical machine, a treadmill, or a stationary bike to keep all parts of your body in prime form. Home gym design should be conceptualized with your whole body in mind; mix it up and get excited about the opportunity to sculpt and create your perfect form.

2. Choose your perfect space
The best space for your home gym is where you can get the job done. If space is scarce, consider the use of space-saving equipment and make sure it can be tucked away to provide room to move around during the day. If you do have the luxury of an extra room, basement, or garage space, then you can set up shop and use that space exclusively for working out and getting fit.

3. Design a home gym with ease of use in mind
Does your space lack a certain airy quality to it? Any home gym design should incorporate the use of adequate lighting and ventilation; a room that is poorly lit, oppressive, or musty will not be a desirable space for your future fitness endeavors. Consider bringing in inspirational wall art, plants, or other personalized items that motivate you and make your space more attractive and inviting. Make it easy to get to—if you have to go through a wardrobe and through some dark snowy woods to get there, you’ll find excuses to put off another workout. Plan for ease of use and a space that you desire to spend time in, and you’ll be off to a running start.

4. Consider your floor type
A floor is a vital component of gym design. If you plan to have a heavyweight load in your gym, make sure your equipment is placed on a ground floor or basement level to avoid placing additional stress on your floor supports. If you are one who does a great deal of matwork or some plyometrics, consider the use of rubberized flooring to cushion the blow and make it a bit more stress-free on your joints. Floor material should be easily maintained and easily cleaned; you’ll want to make sure that your exercise space stays clean and sanitary before, during, and after workouts.

5. Stay within your budget
It is important to stay within your budget when planning your home gym. Start small, with free weights and other manipulatives, and expand your workout repertoire to include other machines that will take you to the next level of health and fitness. Also make sure that you include the cost of any streamed subscriptions, books, and other aids that will help you to work out more effectively. Map out your must-haves, compare them against what you can afford to spend, and start planning and strategically building the space of your dreams.

6. Use your space!
All of that time and energy spent planning and building should pay off, shouldn’t it? Use your space! Commit to building healthier habits one workout at a time, and share your experience with others as a means of sharing your newfound passion for health and fitness with friends and family. Not only will you help to influence their thoughts and behavior about fitness, but you also remain accountable to those you speak with to continue using your space. Invest in yourself, and look forward to all of the physical and mental health gains that you’ll experience with this time and in this space.

When will you start?
Regardless of your budget, your time, and your resources, you can start to create healthier habits today. Start where you currently are, dream big, and begin to craft the space of your dreams with these home gym ideas that are certain to inspire and assist. Contact FD Remodeling of Atlanta to get your own home gym. Here’s to your healthiest body in the New Year and beyond!

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