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Are you searching for professional, dedicated, honest, and trusted commercial remodeling contractors to turn your old office or home to brand new? FD contractors are full-service commercial contractors handling capable of handling all your commercial remodeling and renovation projects.

If you are in the metro Atlanta area or neighboring areas, consider your renovations and remodeling needs taken care of. FD Remodeling contractors’ commercial remodeling services are done for homes, restaurants, retail stores, and malls.

With highly skilled and experienced employees, FD Remodeling contractors will help you extend your space, add bathrooms and toilets, and even install kitchen sinks and drawers.

You not only get your work done, but you also get advice on the best construction materials, roofing, interior and exterior painting, heating and cooling systems, and how to keep your house and surfaces from falling apart fast.

Why FD Remodeling of Atlanta

When you want to receive the best commercial remodeling services, you have to choose the best commercial remodeling contractors. FD Remodeling contractors stand out in the whole Atlanta Metro area because of various reasons.

Having a license reassures you that the services you will receive are legit and high quality. It also tells you that the company is serious about what they do because they will compensate you for any damages caused as they work.

Licenses also indicate that the contractors have the necessary qualifications and training for the job and are aware of all the areas building codes. With a license, it means that FD Remodeling contractors protect and compensate their employees as required, ensuring that they deliver perfect results.

Highly qualified staff
A company’s employees tell a lot about the level of services you will receive. At FD Remodeling, the employees are highly skilled and have knowledge and experience in various construction fields.

The team has architects, HVAC installers, masons, title V inspectors, designers, septic installers, electricians, and painters.

Free estimates
When you call FD Remodeling installers for their commercial remodeling services, a team of employees will come over to your premises and inspect it thoroughly to determine all the work to be done. Depending on your needs, you will get a free price estimate before the work begins.

At FD Remodeling, employees use high-quality and state of the art equipment to do your remodeling and renovations.

Also, the employees understand that not all materials can be repaired with the same equipment, and therefore, there is a range of equipment, depending on what you want to be done. The equipment is regularly checked and repaired to avoid any work hazards.

FD Remodeling of Atlanta will never compromise the quality of the service they provide for profits. You are assured of quality services regardless of your budget. FD Remodeling ensure that the customers’ complaints and questions are looked into and worked on.

FD Remodeling understands that you want your home and office spaces to look as good as new all the time and that renovations can take a lot of money.

Therefore, their prices are set in a way that encourages you to do renovations often and also so you can afford them if any emergency hazard struck your home or office.


Remodeling and renovations
Are you planning an office, kitchen, or bathroom renovation? Whether you want to add a few new details to your existing space or completely remodel it, our contractors have your commercial and residential remodeling needs sorted.

You can develop an idea of what you want the place to look like afterward, or you can take some of the suggestions their designers have. According to your style and taste, the designers can develop a few ideas you will fall in love with.

Natural disasters like storms, strong winds, floods, and fire may leave your home or office wholly torn down. You need not worry about how you will restore your old place because FD contractors are here for you.

You also do not have to worry about that vast patch you discovered covered in mold. It will also be taken care of by the able employees.

Whether commercial or residential flooring, FD Remodeling of Atlanta are dedicated to offering high-quality floor finishes that provide your floor with appeal and comfort. Regardless of your budget, you are guaranteed a long-lasting and easy to maintain floor finish.

FD Remodeling contractors have different flooring materials, styles, and colors that will perfectly suit your preferences. Some of the floorings include laminated, hardwood, vinyl plank, bamboo, and engineered wood floors.

Did you notice a leak or some fall off from the roof? Give us a call. The highly skilled employees will climb up your roof, inspect and tell you if you need a replacement or repair.

With high-quality roofing materials, your roof will be restored to look as good as new.

Whether you want your paint taken off and redone afresh or have an extra coating on the existing one, you can count on us for the best job.

When looking for commercial remodeling contractors, some of the things (you should do) include;
• Read reviews online.
• Establish if the website is legit.
• Call them and ask about their service.
• Read their mission statement, vision, core values, and their ethic policies.
• Research about their work record.
• Enquire if they work based on a contract.
• Ask about how you are to pay them and when.
• Shop around for some of the things you want to be used in your project.

Some of the things (not to do) include;
• Leave them at home alone.
• Pay the whole amount before the service is delivered.
• Let them leave if you are not satisfied with the job or without a receipt of your payment.
• Sign the contract if you do not understand everything about it.

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